How To Choose a Garry’s Mod Hosting Provider

Garry's Mod LogoBuying a Garry’s Mod server is reasonably cost effective and is a brilliant way to create a community server for you and your friends to play on.

It is so efficient and speedy to rent a server rather than trying to set up your own on a dedicated PC or laptop.

A game hosting company can have your server running in under 15 minutes and will provide the ability to customize your game play to fit your personal preferences.

Main Considerations To Take Into Account

When making the decision of who to choose I would recommend considering the following information:

Control panel

Once you have rented your server, the hosting company will then give you access to their control panel. This will typically be based on TCAdmin or a system very similar that’s easy to use and full of features.

TCAdmin Screen

You can use this tool to customize your server and make any changes you would like. It will allow you to change the main password, provide cheats for the administrators and ensure your world can be backed up and progress restored. This can be provided in a standard admin form or some companies will offer their own custom made control panels so you can go even further with upgrading the quality and feel of your servers.

It is a very easy system to use and once you have used the standard admin it can be applied to the rest of the hosting providers out there.

Select the right location

A vast majority of hosting companies will offer several different location choices. In order to play your game to its full potential and have high server speed it is advised to get a server that is nearest to you.

Server Locations Example

If you are living in the UK for example to rent a server from the UK or France will provide the best results.

Other players in different countries could join the server but in my experience this has caused a slower performance and can cause a lag. If you or your friends are located across the world sporadically I would recommend choosing a server that is central for all of you to ensure the connection is fairly disrupted.

If you don’t know which server to choose I would always say to ask your provider to let you have a test server which you can then join on and play to see if it works for you and runs smoothly.

Allotted player slots

When choosing your server the amount of players you want to host will affect the overall price of the server package.

Server Size Example

When I researched the cheapest server provider(which you can see the results of on the home page) I found the pricing was from as little as $5 – $10 for 10 players. This is a good deal and a great starting price for an entry level server

If this is your first server then it’s best to choose the cheapest package first and upgrade only when you need more space or resources.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection

Hackers can infiltrate your server externally and other players can maliciously shut down your server from the outside, this can show if your server seems to be slower than usual or you are unable to gain access to your account.

DDoS Wikipedia Entry

This attack is called a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and is very common within the game host community.

It is always advised that you choose a host that actively provides this service. You can often find if a host offers this service on their home page or via the customer support. Always check this before making any purchases.

Back ups

The most frustrating thing that can happen in gaming is losing your progress and world data.

I would always recommend regular backups for your GMOD server. The main attraction that a lot of server hosts provide is the fact that they will run daily backups on your behalf. This ensures that your game will always be safe.

You yourself can find this in the control panel if you would prefer to manually back up your files. If the worst does happen and you lose progress immediately get in touch with your provider for quick action to restore your game world.

Restoring your data and providing technical assistance should be all included in the price of their service.

Refund policies

To be competitive in the vast hosting market, most companies will offer a money back guarantee usually with the time frame of a 1- 7 day refund period. Always check the finer details on the hosts website to avoid losing money if you are unhappy with the service being provided.

LOW.MS Refund Policy Example

Other companies make a point of stating that they do not offer refunds except under extreme circumstances.

If you’re unsure try researching on google for examples of any previous gamer’s attempts at getting a refund from that exact company. This can be very helpful and save you a lot of disappointment in the future.

Customer reviews

As mentioned above, other gamer’s reviews and opinions will give you a really good insight into a hosting company’s performance and service.

Garry's Mod on Steam Community

You can research and find reviews on third party websites and like minded community forums like Reddit and Steam. This will give a unbiased run down of both the positive and negatives of a company.

Server migration

If you are wanting to try a different host provider for any reason or simply want to leave your current host and want to transfer your world to another dedicated server this can be an easy task.

A lot of companies have a feature called “Server Migration” which transfers files, settings and any progress data to your preferred new platform.

It’s not usual for players to want to switch hosts but if you find that your current provider isn’t meeting your expectations you may need to find a new host. Always check if your new provider has the ability to carry out this process before purchase.


In conclusion it’s always best to do your research when considering which server to go with before you rent it.

Some key points in helping make your decision when renting your GMOD are as follows:

  • Selecting the closest location to you and your friends.
  • Buy the correct amount of slots for your needs.
  • Keep on budget
  • Thoroughly research each host your considering
  • Check with the host if they offer the following features: refunds, backups, game migration and 24/7 DDoS protection.

If this information has been helpful in breaking down the ways to choose a server host then consider checking out my homepage which entails my top “cheapest” server hosting options who provide global coverage.

I have selected my top picks on the basis of their features, value for money and positive community feedback.